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Ceiling Lighting

We have a vast collection of ceiling lights in stock, but if we don’t quite have what you are looking for, we can promptly order your choice of lights.

Types of Ceiling Lights:
– Chandeliers of all sizes
– Flush & Semi Flush fixtures
– Pendants
– Island and Pool Table fixtures
– Recessed and Track lighting

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the most functional area in the house, and therefore needs the most light of any room.   Because the kitchen is where all the action is, we have an array of lighting options to reach ever inch of this space with under cabinet lighting, island lights, recessed lighting and decorative pendants.  And now save your wallet with new LED lighting solutions.

Outdoor Lighting

Sometimes lighting the outside of your home can be overlooked, while it plays a very important role in the safety and security of your home.  Whether needed for decorative or security reasons, we offer a wide variety of styles and types of outdoor lighting. 

Types of Outdoor Lighting:
– Wall or Ceiling Mount fixtures
– Hanging fixtures or Spot lights
– Post Lamps
– Landscaping Lighting
– Pier Mounts

Wall Lighting

Wall Lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, from single bulb to multi-bulb, to fit all applications.  We offer a variety of finishes and styles. 

Types of Wall Lights:
– Sconces
– Bathroom Lighting
– Picture Lights


Ceiling fans are both functional and beautiful.  They serve many purposes, from cooling people in the summers to re-directing warm air down in the winter.  Since they come in all shapes and sizes, they can fit any room.  They also incorporate a variety of different lighting styles to coordinate with any lighting themes.

We carry both interior and exterior fans of all sizes including huggers and most recently one with a surround sound stereo built-in!

Types of Fans:
– Ceiling Fans
– Portable Fans
– Ceiling Exhaust Fans
– Humidifiers
– Air Purifiers